Is Flying Face Available on Snapchat App?

I’ve been asked if the amazing Flying Face Instagram game is available for Snapchat as well. From the little investigation that I made, and it’s not official (by Dvoshansky), as of the time of writing, there isn’t any Snapchat version of Dvoshansky’s Flying Face. I remember in the past seeing someone making a Flappy Bird game as a Snapchat lens, but it’s not like this one, not with the blinking controls, two players and your face on the bird.

I am keeping an eye on more new regarding Flying Face. From my understanding, Dvoshansky is a Spark AR developer and I assume he will continue to put effort in focusing making more cool filters for Instagram.

Developers can develop for multiple platforms and I’ve seen developers making the same filter available for different platforms. However, this means that they need to learn how to make the filter available for the other platform and depends on its complexity, it might take some learning time.

Some filters are very easy to make, so if you already have an image or 3D object and you just place it in a fix position, it’s easy to make it available as a Snapchat lens as well.

In this case, because it’s a game and probably more complex, Dvoshansky might need to make more effort in making it available on Snapchat as well. We might see it as a Snapchat lens, but maybe not.

Again, these are all assumptions. All I know that I can’t wait to see what dvoshansky is going to release next, Flying Face 2 maybe? – Count me in!

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