Instagram Filter icon gone, Can’t play Flying Face, Help!

Instagram app has some issues and many people are reporting different types of issues with the filter option. Some are reporting that after they reinstalled the app, their filter button/icon is completely gone (happened to me as well), some report that after they follow dvoshansky, they don’t get his filters thus they can’t play his Flappy Bird Flying Face game. There are other issues.

I feel you on that matter and although there are some fixes for some of the issues, temporary fixes, we need to wait until Instagram solves those. It might be connectivity issue, bugs, I don’t know but it’s up to Instagram to search for the cause of it and solve it.

In fact, I am quite surprised seeing this issue not being soles for a few days now. Until Instagram fixes those issue, here are a few things that worked for me and you can try them on your own risk (I know it sounds funny, but there can be unexpected app behaviors apparently).

I can’t see the Filter button icon, it’s gone, Help!

I had the same issue. I reinstalled IG app because I didn’t receive new filters (which is another issue). I installed the regular version, not the beta testing one.

I got into the camera section and the filter icon is gone, I could no longer see my all the filters that I’ve downloaded from followed AR creators, where is it?

Well, this is a bug that Instagram should fix. However, What I did was to enroll as a beta tester, then an ‘update’ button appeared on Google Play (TESTED ONLY ON ANDROID), I update the app and the filter button camera back (After a few seconds though).

Now I have another issue, I can’t see all my filters. I’ve heard other people posting the same issues, so it’s not something specific to my app or device. There is no solution for that and I wait for Instagram to release a fix. Until that, I just try to access the filters through the stories or direct links.

Keep in mind that this solution that I shared here might not work on your phone and I only tested it on a single device and it was an Android mobile phone.

I know it’s funny saying it, but it’s a risk doing anything right now, because results are unexpected. This is how bad the situation is, and we are just talking about reinstalling the app, which shouldn’t lead to any issues in general.

If you have any question, I’ll do whatever I can to help, but keep in mind that this will only be solved permanently once Instagram solves it, until then, expect some unexpected app behavior and this workaround solution might not work for you.

Good luck.

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