Blinking Bird, Flappy Wink – IG Game Name Confusion

Flying Face is the name Dvoshansky has given to his ‘Flappy Bird’ like an Instagram filter. It is already getting its iconic status considering how fast it rose in just a few days to become a filter that millions of people use throughout the world, I mean, a game that people are playing around the world.

The name was definitely confusing for me at first. Even when I wrote my first articles, I called it Flying Bird, Blinking Bird, Flappy Face (LOL, that one). If you were to call it differently, what other names would you call this filter? Well, some people are thinking about really cool names. Here is a list of the some of the names that I’ve seen, and some that I added myself.

  • Flying Bird
  • Blinky Bird
  • Winky Bird
  • Flappy blink
  • Blinking Bird
  • Flappy Face
  • Flappy Wink
  • Fly Bird Blink

Well, as you can see, the word blink isn’t part of the name of the filter. It’s called ‘Flying Face’ because your face appears on the bird and it’s a selfie game.

I think there is something special about that name not having the ‘blink’ word, because I think this is a surprise for everyone who just downloads the game and never heard about it, like myself. Maybe now that so many people are already familiar with it it isn’t a surprise no more. When I tried it, it came to me as a big surprise and I was going like; “With blinking, are you serious, hell yeh!” – I was sold since then.

One of the cool things about Flying Face is those eye blinking controls for sure, but the bird having your face is also something that visually definite this game from the original, otherwise, it would look quite the same, wouldn’t it?

Another not less important thing is that your face is part of the game itself. It’s unseparated and this is the reason why all the gameplay videos and screenshots out there have people’s faces in them.

So both the bird has your face and your face is the background of the entire level, so this is why Flying Face is a great name for the game. We probably got used to seeing ourselves in Instagram filters that we don’t give it too much thought. But for a game, having the face of the player as the background for the level in augmented reality is amazing. I just didn’t get used to it and it still excites me every time I see it.

So Flying Face it is. What’s more important, is that you play the game, and have fun!

When you made mistakes searching for this game, how did you call it? I am interested to know, hopefully not like me Flappy Face ROFL.

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