The Game That Replaced Overwatch for me (for the time being)

Overwatch was one of those games that I played at night after I finish working. It’s a game where I just have fun playing online. It’s a great competitive online first-person shooter and until a few days ago, I regularly played it.

Something changed in the past week. When I finish work and I sit down and decide what I want to play today, I don’t even think to much, I just launch Instagram and start playing Flying Face. What happened to me that such a simple Instagram filter game replaced for me a game like Overwatch is beyond my understanding.

I just want to keep on going and break my own record. I keep videos of all my top players and I get better and better each day. When I just started, I got like 20 points, now I rock a solid 65. I know that for some of you this is not high, but it’s relative and for me, this is a great score. Of course I always strive to get better.

I think about playing Blizzard’s Overwatch, but when I think about the gameplay, what attracts me more is playing this little game by Dvoshansky more than one of the most attractive triple-A FPS games on the market right now.

I have a feeling that when more Instagram game come, I probably won’t be playing my PS4 anymore. OK, of course I won’t skip The Last of Us II and Death Stranding, at least I hope that by the time those games are released my addiction to Flying Face will be less intensive as it is now.

Am I addicted to this game, maybe, but I am having fun with my free time and that’s what important for me. I could have played any other game, but this game is very relaxing in most part. I do take breaks to relax my eye muscles but when I am good to go I launch Instagram again and trying to improve my own high score yet again.

I told you I am a big fan of this game. Some of my friends even think I need to take a break. No worries, I am taking a break and I mainly play at night and when I have some spare time during the day.

OK, I know that I didn’t Overwatch completely and I will play it, but right now, my focus is on getting better in playing Flying Face and it will take me time. I want to break the world record, but without a lot of practice I won’t be able to. I will update you on my progress and let’s see how far I can reach in this game.

If you haven’t played Flying Face yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free, just have Instagram installed and follow Dvoshansky and have a blast! Thank me later.

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