Dvoshansky Instagram Live Streams & Answering Fan Questions Online

One of the things that I adore about Dvoshansky is that he makes live video streams and takes questions from the community who want to ask him questions about his game, Flying Face.

I love when AR creators make these live video sessions and connect with their audience. When it comes to ‘Flying Face’, I know that many people have lots of questions and Dvoshansky did his best to answer many of the questions, but not all, considering there were more than 1000 people watching online.

As a huge fan, I always watch his live streamers because I want to hear what his followers are interest in and learn more about what inspired him to create his filters and of course what’s coming up next.

Rocking 2.5M followers an counting, Dvoshansky is one of the filter superstars of today. I’ve been trying out countless of filters, but Flying Face one that really stood out from the rest and made me want to continue using it every single day, not something that I can say to any filter out there. That being said, respect to all Spark AR creators for their hard work, creativity and dedication. There are some amazing IG filters out there and of course I am trying new one on a daily basis.

The live stream was fun and it’s great meeting the creator of Flying Face face to face (so many face words in the last sentence LOL).

Dvoshansky also plays the game on a live stream sometimes. In his last stream from today, around 4:00 am his time in Russia, he mentioned that his best score is around 100 points and he mentioned that the best score right now is around 1000 more or less. It’s actually more like 1500 and there are some few players who passed the 1000 point mark, which is insanely hard. I think most people are doing like 50-100 points on average.

When Dvoshansky goes live, you should see his profile icon animated with the word ‘live’ at the bottom. When you tap on it you can see the live video stream, talk to the community and ask Dvoshansky questions and hopefully he will answer you (he gets tons of questions, keep that in mind).

That’s it, another great day connecting with the developer of the amazing Flying Face game and I can call it a night. See you on the next post!

Banner image credit: Dvoshansky, Instagram.

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