Flying Face 2 – My Top Requested Features

Let’s assume that Facebook adds more features and ignore some of the current limitations in Spark AR, what features I would like to see in the next version of Flying Face, let’s called it Flying Face 2!

I know this over the top and isn’t possible at the moment, at least related to some of the features. However, I think Dvoshansky, after seeing how much love he got from the community for this game, in the future, he might think in bringing a new version of the game and I’m sure there will be millions in line to try it out. OK, let’s take a look at some feature that I want to see in Flying Face 2.

  • Global leaderboard with video replays – what would be great, then we can see the highest score in the world and the people who achieve those. We might have daily competitions and scoreboard for single player and 2-player game modes.
  • Customized controls – I mean, why note, having players choose between the mouth, head pose and blinking.
  • A different 3D main character and level design – something that will make the next version stand out and look different than the original
  • Online Split-screen PvP – that can be cool, selfie game competition playing Flying Face versus other people from all around the world, and why not add live tournaments on the way (I know I am getting crazy here, but that’s what I want 🙂 )
  • Blinking glittering eye effect – just for the beauty of it, like glittering eye effect as you blink. I think some people will love it. I’ve seen it in other filters and it looked great.
  • Shield – Every 1 minute you have a shield, quickly blink to activate and prevent death. OK, cancel that, we want the game to be super difficult, no mercy!
  • Cool sound effect & Music – When it comes to sound effects and music, I don’t think I’m asking too much. This can add a lot to any game and I would like Flying Face 2 to be more in that aspect.

So, just a few suggestions. What’s your opinion, any features you want to see in Flying Face version 2? (if that one even comes).

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