Dvoshansky, Thank you so much for the mention in the IG Story

I want to send a personal thanks to Dvoshansky for the mention of Flying Face fan blog on his story a few days ago. As a big fan of your amazing game, I am honored to be mentioned.

Thank you so much Dvoshansky!

There is nothing more excited being a fan of a game than being mentioned by its developer. I got so thrilled and so excited seeing that.

I put a lot of effort sharing my passion about Flying Face with the world. I play Flying Face every single day, and getting better and better.

This game is part of my daily routine. I am usually busy doing many other things, but I never forget to play the game on my free time. All my friends know about the game and downloaded it and playing it as well. We sometimes play together, but they usually don’t have time to arrive over to play when I wanted them to. That being said, when we do play together, we laugh so much because it’s so much fun seeing the two birds flying together with our faces.

It’s those little things in life that really makes me smile and be happy. This is why I want to thank Dvoshansky for creating this game and allowing me to enjoy those little moments. I do play other games of course, but lately, I spend more time playing Flying Face than others games.

I wish you all the best and again, thank you so much for mentioning my little fan blog, it means a lot to me and it made me so happy – From your biggest fan!

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