3 Million People Played this Instagram Game Flying Face!

As of the time of writing these lines, Dvoshansky has reached a staggering 2.9-million followers on Instagram and I won’t be surprised that by the end of the day it will reach 3-million!

I’ve been following Dvoshansky since he had a few thousands of visitors and was among the first to try his Flying Face IG game out.

This means that around 3-million people have downloaded and played Flying Face filter on their phones, on both iOS and Android combined. Most of the followers followed Dvoshansky to gain access to the ‘Flying Face’ filter and play it on their device.

Just for comparison. The most-played mobile game by player counts as of February 2019 as Pokemon Go with 1-billion players. At the bottom of that long list of top most-played mobile games by player counts on Wikipedia, we can see Unison League with 10 million players. Just to give you the range. According to the list of most-downloaded Google Play applications, only 25,604 had between 1-5 million installs (source, as of May 29, 2019).

Now keep those promotions and you can see how amazing that an Instagram filter game was able to reach such massive audience and it’s still growing every single day by tens or even hundreds of thousands users. It’s no doubt the most popular Instagram filter and one of the most impressive achievements for a a Spark AR developer in the gaming sector.

This means that Instagram is already strong on the map as a gaming platform. This, of course, will encourage more people to get into developing games using Spark AR Studio and encourage Instagram to put a focus on gaming-related features in future updates.

We are talking about a single developer who develop this ‘Flappy Bird’ inspired game called ‘Flying Face’. An interactive Instagram filter, a tiny mobile game, but one that was conquered the market by storm.

Instagram has proven to be one of the most attractive places to create and publish Augmented Reality experiences. Spark AR platform is still limited with its gaming capabilities, but this will change.

If you haven’t tried out Flying Face yet, here is how you can get the game.

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