Flying Face Top 10 Highest Scores – May 26, 2019

I was interested to know what is the highest score achieved playing Dvoshansky’s Flying Face Instagram filter game to date. One of the best places to check it out at the moment is actually Dvoshansky’s own Instagram profile page.

If you visit his page, you can see that he opened an Instagram story called “Flying Face Top”. There you can find plenty of videos and images of people who playing Flying Face IG filter and are sharing their final score in the game.

Flying Face Top 10 Scores

In the Top 10 Best Score in Flying Face as of May 26, 2019, we can find the following (Instagram username on the left, score on the right):

  1. bryanchang19888 – 745 points
  2. gilmarestevamfotografo – 645 points
  3. unalee.96 – 539 points
  4. alan282328 – 357 points
  5. kokoleyy – 301 points
  6. timur_zaripov09 – 279 points
  7. chiang122 – 269 points
  8. santaclaus716 – 262 points
  9. cle1_ – 257 points
  10. minghuiooi – 235 points

Keep in mind that this is only those who I found based on the story as of the time of writing. There might be players who achieved a higher score and not listed here and the record can be broken every single second. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of this list but I did my best to give you among the top score achieved playing Flying Face so you can compare it against yours.

User @bryanchang11988 is leading the Top 10 list with an amazing 745 points – insane! That’s the top score I was able to find to date. Here is a video that he shared and it also appeared on Dvoshansky’s Instagram profile as well.

In the future, I’ll write a post with updated results. I’ll do my best to search for them on Instagram and YouTube, or whenever I can find them.

I hope you enjoy this post, don’t forget to visit us daily for more cool content about Flying Face Filter.

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