Flappy Bird vs Flying Face – Which one is more Difficult to Play?

Flying Face is a difficult game and maintaining control over the bird’s movement with your eyes is something that takes time. Some people managed to pass the 500 score mark and even get to more than 1000 points, which suggests that the blinking controls aren’t too difficult as I thought they are.

After playing with Flying Face every single day, I can say that in my opinion, the original Flappy Bird game was harder. It doesn’t mean that Flying Face is an easy game, not at all, it has its own learning curve. Timing the blinking takes time to get used to and if you blink spontaneously, it might end the game for you.

To be good in Flying Face, same as with Flappy Bird, you have to be consistent and need to practice the timing right every single time. There is no room for mistake, which reminds me of games in the Dark Soul series which dying means that you start from the very beginning.

These hard games do attract a certain crowd that love to take on a great challenge. Knowing that every mistake can mean failing and ending the game, means that people need to be in a certain state of mind and concentration to be able to hold on their fluent gameplay for a long period of time.

With practice this becomes easier like any other game. You muscle memory kicks in and you can easily hang on longer. The thing that usually make people fail is that their finger or eye muscles may kick in and cause them to not react in time or lose focus.

In case of Flying Face, blinking also means that for a certain period of time you are losing sight. It happens in a split of a second, but for new players, this is something that they need to get used to. If you blink slowly, you’ll lose some important time where the game is actually visible to you. Blinking too fast might make the bird climb up too high and collide with an obstacle. The game itself dictates the pace, but you are given some split of a seconds choice to how you time out your blinking.

Sometimes players might blink faster just to give their eyes some rest, but we are not talking about seconds, but split of a second rest.

Flappy Bird was played with tapping on the screen. Because players are already used to touch gestures, it was easy to pick up the controls. However, timing the tapping on the screen took time. After some time you get used to it same as with the blinking. I personally found Flappy Bird to be harder because tapping was a less sensitive operation compared to blinking with my eyes

I don’t know how it will be for you, but for me, Flappy Bird was harder than Flying Face, but Flying face still poses a hard challenge. If you look at the average score of players playing Flying Face, you can see around 50-80 on average (I didn’t calculate, just a rough estimation). Pretty good considering all the amount of blinking you had to do.

With Flappy Bird, it took me a few hours to get pass the 5 points, seriously. With Flying Face it wasn’t that hard.

Which game do you think is more difficult among the two, for you, Flappy Bird (the original mobile game) or Flying Face (Dvoshansky’s Instagram filter game)?

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