Dvoshansky Passed the 3M Followers Mark on Instagram

Last night Dvoshansky has passed the 3M followers mark, and right now he is standing on 3.1-million followers on Instagram. This means the millions of people are playing his game Flying Face. This is nuts, and it only happened in a week or so.

3.1 Million Followers!

3.1 million followers, Dvoshansky Instagram account screenshot

This is a huge achievement by all means. For a little game like this that resides in another app, Instagram, I see this has an even bigger achievement. It’s also a fantastic achievement for Instagram as a gaming platform. I don’t know the reach number of custom lens games on Instagram, but I’m sure that every single Spark AR developer would have loved his game reaching millions of users (or filters in that aspect).

Just so you know, in order for users to get the Flappy Bird game like Instagram filter downloaded to their phones, they need to follow the creator. There is an alternative way of clicking the direct link to the filter, but this doesn’t make the effect permanently appear in the effect list and also not all Spark AR creators share it. It is usually shared in Spark AR forums, but for those who just use Instagram, the only way to get it is to follow the effect creator. In this case it’s Dvoshansky if you want to get his ‘Flying Face’ filter and his other filters he has created.

I am celebrating this amazing achievement for Dvoshansky because I am so happy seeing a single person managing to get so far thanks to the Internet. It’s just shows us that everyone has the potential to have their filter or IG game succeed and reach millions of people. The platform enables it, but sometimes you do need luck. Focus on making something great and hopefully your game will succeed as well.

Dvoshansky, I want to personally thank you again for the mention.

From your biggest fan!

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