This Mistake Can Ruin Your Highscore in Flying Face

Today I saw an image of a player who lost because his battery was low and a notification came in.

Notification shouldn’t cause the game to stop (I didn’t check it BTW), but notifications can distract the user. The other thing is that you must make sure that you have enough battery charge for a long play session.

These are two things that you might not pay attention when you start playing and try to break your own high-score or break the global leaderboard, but they can lead you to fail and not reach your goal.

So unfortunate so see a player fails at some point because of a low battery notification (Image credit: Instagram)

As you can see in the image above, a Flying Face gamer has received a low battery notification and he lost at 399 points. It’s still a very good score, but I’m sure he could have done way better if he hadn’t had this issue.

Some players put a goal to break the world record in Flying Face, which as of the time of writing stands on 1550 points. Imagine that player trying to break the world record, getting ready and all, and only to fail because of that.

It takes a lot of time to reach 399 points, and I’m pretty sure that this player decided to stop for that day. You need to be fully refreshed and concentrated in order to break the world record or try to beat your own record, especially when it comes to hundreds of points.

So my recommendation here, silence notifications when applicable and make sure your either have your battery fully charged or have the phone connected to a power source so you can play without worries.

From what I remember, the low battery notification is a pop up window in the middle of the screen. I think that if it was at the top it wouldn’t be a problem, but I think that it just blocks your view. Not 100% sure, but whatever you do, just make sure you solve this issue before your start playing and plan on a long gameplay session of Flying Face.

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