All My Filters Are Missing After Instagram App Update – What to do?

Instagram app is buggy lately, lots of strange behaviors. I know so many people aren’t able to play Flying Face because of those bugs that Instagram still hasn’t solve as of the time of writing this blog post.

I’ve seen people getting very frustrated. They tried many workarounds just to be able to play Flappy Bird game on their Instagram app. There are several workarounds that did work for some, like using a direct link to the effect (filter) or by uninstalling and installing the IG app again.

However, a new bug appears, when you enroll in the beta, many of your filters will be missing from the filter list. It happened to me and it’s so frustrating it huts. I’ve read that even Spark AR creators talked about it in the Spark AR community on Facebook, asking “Is the Instagram bug is back?“. So apparently this isn’t the first time this happens. The thing that worries me is that it takes too much time for Instagram to fix those issues. I expected something like 3–5 days, but it’s been around a week and nothing was solved.

If you are using the ‘public’ version of Instagram, just know the ‘risks’ involved in doing this. I know risk is a harsh word, but for many people not seeing their filters is annoying as hell. Many people, like myself, are using those IG effects on a daily basis and having most of them missing makes you feel really frustrated, especially when you can’t really do anything about it. Keep that in mind if you intend to install the beta version because you are likely to experience the same thing.

I hope that Instagram will solve these issues ASAP. Until then, be patient and maybe try the workaround solutions, they might work for you. The direct link to Flying Face effect is the first thing that I would try myself, because you don’t risk anything by trying it, then I would try the other suggested solutions.

Here is a video by AR Critic on YouTube that talks about how to use the direct link. Hopefully, this will help you out. If not, consider trying other workarounds.

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