Flying Face Statistics: Over 1 Billion Views

Mikhail Murtazin, also known as ‘Dvoshansky’, the creator of the mega-popular Instagram filter ‘Flying Face’, shared some statistics about his filter game named ‘Flying Face’ with the Spark AR community.

Flying Face usage statistics shared by Dvoshansky. Over 1 BILLION VIEWS!

I’ve been following Dvoshansky since he had thousands of visitors and enjoyed seeing him grow every single day.

WOW.My effect got crazy and have reach 1 billion views (355m views in camera and 663m views in stories) in just 2 weeks.Thanks you all❤❤❤Effect:

Posted by Mikhail Murtazin on Sunday, June 2, 2019

The statistics are mind blogging: 1,019,377,188 views (355m views in-camera and 663m views in stories), yes, ‘m’ is for millions. All that happened in just two weeks!

This makes him the Spark AR creator with the most followers on Instagram, If I am not mistaken.

He is rocking 3.3 Million followers on Instagram and his channel is continuously growing.

So happy to see that, let the whole world know about your amazing game ‘Flying Face’!

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