What Can We Learn from the Popularity of Flying Face Game?

I’ve been following Dvoshansky from the very beginning. When he released Instagram filter game ‘Flying Face’ I was hooked. Believe me or not, I wasn’t a big fan of the original game, but this take on the ‘Flappy Bird’ gamestyle won me after a few seconds of gameplay.

More than 3 million followers
It’s now around 3.3M followers on Instagram and growing rapidly every single day.

Mikhail shared the statistic of his Instagram filter on Spark AR Community group on Facebook and I think everyone there was shocked. I wasn’t shocked as I was actually following that progression every single they, although I was surprised to see how fast it was growing every single day.

‘Flying Face’, the little game that could. Although it exists inside Instagram as an effect, it’s an interactive one, a game for all intents and purposes. It’s a game that won the heart of millions of Instagram users from all around the world, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries.

Flying face game screenshot
Flying face game screenshot

It gained popularity after celebrities have used it and then it spread like wildfire. Everyone wanted to play the ‘Flappy Bird Instagram game‘, the one with the blinking. Yes, the blinking. The blinking controls were definitely one of the most attractive features of this game.

Although Flying Face isn’t a standalone app, it just showed us that Instagram is already a great platform to developer augmented reality games for. I don’t think that there was or is any Augmented Reality game that achieved such success before. I won’t be surprised if some people will try to copy it and make it as a standalone app on iOS or Android, once they know about its popularity.

Many Spark AR creators are focusing on effects, rather than on gaming. I think that this filter is a wake up call for many AR creators to maybe start thinking of using Spark AR Studio as a platform for game development.

The other great things about this game are that it weighs around 240kb and therefore it can be played on any device that has the Instagram app installed. It’s one of those games that are very easy to pick up and play but hard to master. The controls are fun and addictive, they translate well visually as a selfie-based game and people enjoyed sharing their selfie gameplay videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social channels.

There were problems lately with Instagram app, and there still are. That being said, there are some workaround that people posted on YouTube that try to help those who can’t play it play the game.

That aside, Instagram is also a create place to share AR creations and it’s a fantastic ground to spread ideas, inspire and things can get viral pretty fast there. A celebrity post can spark a ‘fire’ that can spread to millions, and I won’t be surprised that this game will continue to grow further to the west and gain popularity there as well.

If I was a Spark AR creator, developer, I would definitely focus on games. It doesn’t have to be a fully-pledges Augmented Reality (AR) game, something simple, but one that many people might enjoy playing. You can see the huge potential of this filter and I can only thank Dvoshansky for his amazing inspiration. I am so happy for you and wish you great success!

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