I use Instagram beta, Followed Dvoshansky and Can’t Play the Game

I’ve been following some of the many issues that people are having right now playing Dvoshansky’s Flying Face filter. People are going crazy about the Instagram issues right now: “Where are my filters, they are all gone, what can I do?”, “I followed dvoshansky, used the beta app and now my filters are missing and I can’t find the game, help!”, “I followed dvoshansky but none of his filters are showing, including flying face..”.

There are many people who after following Dvoshansky, they can’t find the ‘Flying Face’ filter on their Instagram filter list, not just that, all Dvoshansky’s filters which should appear there are missing as well.

What was the first solution was to enroll as a beta tester and then this might work for you. However, what this also might do is make all your filters or most of them disappear altogether.

If you are in the situation where you have the Instagram beta installed on your Android (or iOS, I didn’t try it on iOS, just on Android) and you can’t see the Flying Face icon or all the other filters of Dvoshansky, what you need to do is the following.

Fix courtesy of AR Critic (YouTune user).

Here is a textual explanation.

  1. With the Instagram beta app opened, go to Dvoshansky’s profile
  2. Unfollow and immoderately Follow him back

These will pull Dvoshansky’s Instagram filter again from Instagram and they should appear in the filter’s drawer (list) in your camera app.

I assume that all or many of your filters are gone as well. According to the video, you can do this for any AR creator. Just follow and unfollow and hopefully you start getting your filters back.

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution and when Instagram fixes the effects issue we can assume that all of our filters will come back and we won’t need to do anything, nor forced to use the beta.

I also recommend trying this thing on the ‘public’ version before you decide to try the beta version, because installing the beta version or just uninstalling the ‘public’ version and reinstalling it can lead to more issues as of the time of writing.

Things might change. If there are any good news, I’ll be the first to share it with you. I wish you good luck in making Flying Face (Flappy Bird for Instagram game) available on your Android phone. I didn’t try it on iOS, it might work and it might not. If you really want to play Flying Face, it might worth the risk.

Good luck!

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