Having Problems Playing Flying Face – Let me help you

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing these lines, a lot of people are still having issues downloading Flying Face filter (aka Instagram blink game, Instagram Flappy Bird, etc.

In this post I will answer some questions that might help you solve the issues where you can:t get Dvoshansky’s Flying Face filter. You can also ask me any question and I’ll do my best to help you out.

I followed @dvoshansky and can’t see the filter, what can I do?

Straight to the point, try to get out of the Instagram app, launch it again and try. If it doesn’t work, try the direct link to the app. More information provides by AR Critic through bit.ly/FlyingFaceGame. If it doesn’t work, try to unfollow and follow dvoshansky again right after and see if you get the filter. If this doesn’t work, try to enroll as a beta tester, and again.

I deleted Flying Face filter by mistake, how can I get it back?

Try the unfollow and follow back to see if that brings the filter back. If it doesn’t work, I recommend trying the direct link. From what I’ve heard from Spark AR community when you delete a filter, the only way to access it again is by using the direct link. I didn’t hear about other ways. Hopefully, inf the future, Instagram will have an option to retrieve back deleted filters.

I click the direct link to the Flying Face effect and I just see a loading animation, what can I do?

I had this problem before in the ‘public’ version of Instagram. What I did was to enroll to the beta testing version of the app, update the app after that and then the direct link downloaded the flying face effect and it worked. It might not work, and if you still have those issues, I think that you might need to wait until Instagram solve this problem. If I have another solution I’ll update it in this page.

I Installed Instagram beta, but can’t see my filters, there are all gone?

It happened to me as well. If you installed the beta version of Instagram and can’t see your filters, all are missing, there is no way to bring them all back. However, what you can do is to unfollow and follow a specific user and the filters will be downloaded again. It’s still very buggy, and sometimes even when I got some of the filters back, some of them were removed after I relaunched Instagram. Hopefully Instagram will solve this issue, it’s painful I know.

Does VPN can help me get Flying Face filter on Instagram?

Some people have reported that installing a free VPN app on their phone helped them obtaining the filter. I didn’t try this method, so I can’t really comment on it. You can try it out by installing a free VPN app on your Android or iOS phone and see whether this helps.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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