Why Flying Face is referred to as an ‘effect’ or ‘filter’ and not just as a game?

Flying Face is a game, nothing changes that. It’s an interactive app that resembles the ‘Flappy Bird’ game gameplay style.

The reason Flying Face is referred to as ‘effect’ or ‘filter’ because it exists as an Instagram filter by definition. A filter is an official name given by Instagram and this can be seen in their help page here.

It is also referred to as face filters, although filters can be also camera effects or AR face filters. ‘Filters’ is a general term to describe these mini-apps that were designed to run inside the Instagram app for either iOS or Android.

Thee is a confusion sometimes between those augmented reality filters and Instagram photo filters. The Instagram photo filters are also referred to as ‘filters’.

So where the ‘effect’ name comes from, well, part of the community refers to it as effects because some of those filters are camera effects. They also refer to them as 3D makeup, IG effects or IG filters, sometimes depend on son the content being used.

However, if we look at the direct URL of those filters, we can see that:


As you can see, at the end of the ‘filter’ URL we can find an effect_id in the query string of the URL. So probably as the database definition on Instagram, these are called effects, as the definition in the URL is effect_id.

I know it’s confusing and the community also adds their own words and put their own hashtags. We got into a point where these so called ‘filters’, can be any type of app functionality built using Spark AR Studio and exist under the ‘filter’ icon (the smiley icon).

You can call the game ‘Flying Face Game’, ‘Flying Face Effect’, or ‘Flying Face Filter’. I like ‘filter’ because it differentiates it as an Instagram app rather than a general game, same as ‘lens’ is used for describing AR experiences running on Snapchat. You immediately associate those with Snapchat and not with another app, same goes with filters. Sometimes I just call it a ‘Filter game’ or ‘game filter’.

This is it, I hope you found this explanation satisfying and helpful.

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