The Flappy Bird Mania Returns – Prepare for dozens more Flying Face look-alike

Flying Face marks a new era for Instagram filter games, at least as far as I can see it. It brought up the excitement about Flappy Bird game yet again by building upon the original idea and adding new features that were designed from the ground up fora selfie-based game. This includes using blink gesture, bird’s face as your face, dual-selfie local multiplayer and of course your face serving as the background of the game.

It didn’t take long after Dvoshansky posted the statistics about the popularity of his filter ‘Flying Face’ that two days later we start seeing other AR Creators trying to build upon the same idea but with different visuals and some modifications to the gameplay.

I predict that we’ll have quite a lot of those ‘Flappy Bird’ blinking look-alike games very soon.

Flying Face will forever be the game that shook up the Spark AR community. It was definitely a huge wake-up call for Spark AR developers to maybe start focusing on games or interactive AR content than just on visual masks.

It definitely brought Flappy Bird game from the dead and all thanks to a little ingenious blinking game by Dvoshansky called ‘Flying Face’ and the original Flappy Bird upon which Flying Face was inspired by (let’s not forget that).

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