Developers are releasing Flying Face like Mobile Games on App Store and Google Play

Since many developers have seen the popularity of dvoshansky’s Flying Face filter, I’ve seen quite a few developers who jump on the idea and released a mobile phone game with the same blinking gameplay mechanics.

The idea to release the game not as a filter but as a mobile phone game is smart on their side, because there will be lots of searches for this game on Google Play and the App Store, as well as they can monetize those games using built-in advertisements.

They even copied the same name, ‘Flying Face’, so people who search for the game will find their game. The original ‘Flying Face’ game doesn’t exist on the App Store or Google Play, because it’s an Instagram filter. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way at the moment to monetize an Instagram filter directly. By that I mean, having integrated advertisements in the filter where developers can earn money from. Nothing that I know about.

It seems that Instagram filters have become the hunting ground for great game ideas. They see something that works and just copy it and make it as a mobile phone game. People copy ideas, and the Flying Face itself isn’t an original idea, Flappy Bird was. There are in fact many Flappy Bird style games, but nobody has thought to do something like Dvoshansky has done, and now that many have seen that it became popular, they copied it.

Flying Face Android games
Flying Face Android games. Not the original but ones that copied the idea and made it as a mobile phone app.

I think this can be a problem for developers. Because they work to create those great little Instagram games, only to have their ideas copied and they can’t even monetize it directly. What they do get is plenty of followers, and hopefully this can help them monetize on their efforts indirectly.

Many of those Flying Face like mobile phone games even used a similar icon. Some developers rushed to release an app to the app store, that some of them don’t even work. They just released it for the sake of releasing and getting lots of downloads.

You need to understand that there are still many people who don’t know how to get the game and the first thing that they might do is search for the name of the game or other keywords on the app stores. This will lead them to those mobile games, and they might not know that this isn’t the games that everyone is talking about.

I think that Google Play doesn’t allow the same name, this is why we see different variations. You can clearly see that those are named with SEO in mind, so people can find the game based on the keywords that users are searching to find Flying Face like ‘Flying Face’, ‘Flying Face IG’ (Why IG if it’s on Android? IG means Instagram), ‘Flying Face: Blink Bird’, ‘Fly Face: flying blink game’, ‘Flying Face bird’, ‘Flying Bird’, etc.

Well, that’s the reality, but if you are searching for the original game, this is an Instagram filter, not a standard mobile phone game, just so you know. That’s the nature of competition, everyone wants a piece of the cake.

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