Flying Face IG Game Copycats are Popping out Everywhere

It seems that it didn’t take long since Dvoshansky released some statistics about the popularity of this Instagram game called Flying Face, that a few days later, I start seeing dozen of Flying Face mobile phone games not made by dvoshansky, but by other developers.

Those games are in augmented reality and play very similar to Flying Face. You have a bird flying and the user needs to blink to control the bird. Not all have all the features as Flying Face, and you can see that some are rushed.

I tried playing a few of those copycats and I have to say that still, Flying Face is the king. Some developers try to make it easier with more floaty gameplay and more time for users to blink in between obstacles. They also change the visuals a bit to make it look different than Flappy Bird.

I’ve seen those Flappy Bird blinking IG games available for both iOS and Android, some probably used hybrid frameworks so they just needed to develop it once and they published it to both iOS and Android platforms.

This is not a surprise considering the popularity tat Flying Face has received. With 1-billion views of the Dvoshansky’s Flying Face filter, developers want to build upon this trend.

I have nothing against competition and it will be interesting to see how this gaming trend will take us. It will definitely lead to that we’ll see more Instagram filter games and not just masks and effects.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I am afraid that some Spark AR developers might think that it’s not a good idea to develop a game for the platform because someone will just copy the idea and make it as an app. Here people are not afraid of copying the idea because it’s not original, it’s based on the popular arcade game Flappy Bird.

If I was an IG Spark AR developer, I would think twice. If developers can’t monetize their IG games, it might pose a problem.

I have to admit that I was interested seeing how other developers will make this game and how accurate the blinking is with other frameworks. Well, from all the 5 that I tried, the original stand strong as the best among them I’m sure there will me more, much more and I already see some Spark AR developers copying the same idea with different visuals and make them as Instagram filters as well.

You need to understand the magnitude of the exposure of Flying Face on IG to understand why all the developers are awaken. This just shows us how hard is to find a great idea that works and when a great idea comes, everyone are rushing to copy it.

Kudos to Dvoshansky for thinking about the eye blinking game controls and of course some luck to kick off vitality was needed as well. The game is great, it’s fun, addictive, challenging and I’m sure that if you enjoy the original Flappy Bird, you’ll enjoy playing this one as well.

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