Blinking Controls in Flying Face IG Filter

One of the ingenious ideas in the IG filter ‘Flying Face’ is the controls. The way the player controls the flying bird itself.

To control the bird you need to blink either with one eye or two eyes and the bird will move up vertically. I actually tried playing with just one eye and it wasn’t as responsive as with two eyes. I mean, it does work, but sometimes it misses and the bird just goes down to the bottom and I failed.

If you play Flying Face and you want to be good and break some of the top scores, I definably recommend staying with two-eye blinking for more fluent gameplay and lessen the chance of a bad face gesture reading by Spark AR.

Remember, a single mistake and it’s game over. Same as the original Flappy Bird game, you have a single life. If you bump into an obstacle or crash, it’s game over and you’ll need to tap and restart the game from the beginning, with zero points.

I mentioned the blinking in my Flying Face filter review. When I first start playing Flying Face, I thought that I won’t be able to pass even the 20 point mark. Not that I could practice and become better, but because I thought that eye strain will eventually win against me and I won’t be able to continue playing and I’ll need to take a break.

The thing is that you can’t take a break in this game. There is no “pause” button and you have to play it straight. The good news is that the eye strain issue that I was worried about turned out to be nothing serious at all. I saw people getting to more than 700 points playing Flying Face. This means that if we take an average of 2-3 blinks per obstacle, this results in 1400-2100 blinkings in total. Yes, it’s sound ridiculous, I know, but people did it. I’m sure they needed to take a break after, but it is possible to achieve that, anatomically :p.

Blinking control is a great idea. It’s simple to use and everyone can do it. It also fits the idea of a selfie game and you can position the phone in front of your face either close or a bit far.

The only thing that you’ll need to get used to is the blinking intervals, to make sure you don’t get blank spots and you time it right so the bird flies as you want it to. It takes a bit of time, but blinking is natural to us, so it won’t take long until you gain good control using this gameplay mechanic.

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