Where Can I Download the Original Flappy Bird Blink Game?

After seeing how many Flying Face copycats are out there and probably many will pop up soon, I think it’s a good time to write a post for those searching for the original blink bird game, which is Flying Face. I feel that soon enough, because of all the similar bird blinking games that will pop up, many people won’t know which one is the one that everyone is talking about.

Note: Keep in mind that we are not talking about the original Flappy Bird game, but Flying Face, a Flappy Bird lookalike game that plays using blinking facial expressions and not tapping. It wasn’t developed by the same developer as the original Flappy Bird.

It’s a Filter not a Regular Mobile Phone App

Well, the most important thing to note is that the original game is called Flying Face and it’s an Instagram filter, not a regular mobile app that you download from the App Store or Google Play.

This means that you don’t download the game by searching ‘Flying Face’ on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). You need to launch the Instagram app and follow its creator Dvoshansky to unlock it.

Then the filter will appear in your filter list. It’s called a filter, but it’s a game for all intents and purposes.

It was Developed by IG: @Dvoshansky

The Bird Blinking IG Game called ‘Flying Face’ was developed by an IG user dubbed ‘Dvoshansky’. This means that if you see other creators with similar games, check the Instagram account username that you are following and see if it says (only) ‘dvoshansky’.

If you see usernames like ‘flying face g’, ‘dvoshansky game’, ‘bird blink game’, or any other username that is not dvoshansky, the original filter won’t be there. I am not saying that they won’t have other great filters or a great Flying Face lookalike game, but it won’t be the original. By all means, follow any AR creator that you find their filters fun.

Features of the Original Flying Face Game

There might be some Blinking Bird Games that look similar to Flying Face and have all its features, but some don’t.

Flying Face have the following:

  • Ability to play two players simultaneously on the same phone with two birds on the screen
  • Your face appears as the bird’s face and also inherits the facial expressions in real time (this might be a good thing to check)
  • You use the game with blinking, not other facial gestures
  • It doesn’t have music

How the Original Flying Face Game Looks (screenshot)

Here’s how the original flying face game looks like.

Flappy Bird Instagram game
How the original Flying Face looks like

The game’s filter icon looks like this.

Original Flying Face filter icon

This is it. I hope you now know to distinguish between the original Flying Face game and a ‘fake’ one 🙂

Happy gaming and Instagraming!

Banner image credit: Katerha via Flickr.

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