‘Lumilipad na Mukha’ is now trending in the Philippines

Flying Face’s virality has originated in Indonesia and Malaysia based on my information. Now from the information I have, it’s started trending in the Philippines. By the way, based on Google translate, Flying Face in Filipino translates to ‘Lumilipad na Mukha‘.

There are 264 million of the population in Indonesia, 31.62 million in Malaysia, and 104.9 million in the Philippines (as of 2017 based on World Bank, StatCan).

Of course, not all people have phones, not all interested in this type of game or using Instagram, but there are still many people in those countries that haven’t yet played Flying Face.

It’s great seeing how the Philippines are the next ones to catch on the flying blinking bird IG game trend. The Philippines are islands located north-east of Malaysia and east of Vietnam.

Now it’s time for those of the Philippines to try out the amazing Flappy Bird Instagram game themselves and share some awesome gameplay videos on Instagram and YouTube. I’ve checked YouTube by the way, there are literally tons of gameplay videos of people playing the blinking Instagram game ‘;Flying Face’.

It seems based on what I can tell, that it’s going to be not less popular as it is in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, who knows, maybe even more. If it reaches the celebrities there, maybe it already did, it’s going to be insane.

Let’s check how some word related to this game translates from English to Filipino:

  • Bird – ibon
  • Flying – lumilipad
  • Blinking – kumikislap
  • Face – Mukha
  • Instagram – Instagram (just kidding)
  • Winking – pagkindat
  • Game – laro
  • Filter – salain
  • Camera – kamera
  • Play – maglaro

Anyways, watching how the rest of the world reacts to this amazing bird blinking game that shook the world by storm, let’s go!

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