Ibon patay-sindi laro or Permainan berkelip burung (Translations)

Let’s check out how ‘Flying Face‘ and ‘Bird blinking game’ is translated into different languages from English.

When I am searching for news about Flying Face, I need to find it using the right keywords, otherwise, I won’t reach those news websites where they publish news about Flying Face in other languages, like in Filipino, Malay, or Indonesian, where Flying Face game is very popular and for some other popular languages from all around the world.

So let’s take a look how two phrases “Bird blinking game” and the name of the game “Flying Face” are translated to other languages where the game is popular at.

The phrase Bird Blinking Game

  • Filipino: Ibon patay-sindi laro
  • Malay: Permainan berkelip burung
  • Spanish: Pájaro que parpadea juego
  • Tamil: பறவை மினுமினுக்கும் விளையாட்டு
  • Mandarin Chinese: 鸟眨眼游戏
  • Japanese: 鳥の点滅ゲーム
  • Indonesian: Burung berkedip permainan
  • French: Oiseau clignotant jeu
  • Italian: Uccello lampeggiante gioco
  • Arabic: لعبه الطيور وامض
  • Hindi: बर्ड निमिष खेल
  • Russian: Птица мигает игра

Well, completely different. I personally liked the word berkedip, which means ‘blinking’, or ‘flickering’ in Indonesian. I’ve seen that word couple of times when I read some news about Flying Face game on Indonesian-based websites that reported about the game and on YouTube videos.

The phrase Flying Face

Now let’s see how the name ‘Flying Face’ is translated to other languages.

  • Filipino: Lumilipad ang mukha
  • Malay: Muka Terbang
  • Spanish: Cara voladora
  • Tamil: பறக்கும் முகம்
  • Mandarin Chinese: 飞行面
  • Japanese:フライング・フェイス
  • Indonesian: Wajah terbang
  • French: Face volante
  • Italian: Faccia volante
  • Arabic: تحلق الوجه
  • Hindi: फ्लाइंग फेस
  • Russian: Летающее лицо

If you are searching for news about the game ‘Flying Face’ from all around the world, I guess that these translations can help you out.

There are lots of websites reporting about Flying Face game, many in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and neighbor countries. You can also just type ‘Flying Face’ and search Google by language, because many times the original name of the game is written in its English form because that’s the way to locate it in Instagram, in it’s English name.


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