Flying Face Game Update – Score moves with the face

Dvoshansky has mentioned that he is working on a new update that will make the score move relative to the face location (Face Mesh in Spark AR.

He wrote in his Instagram story, and I quote:

“Making an update, because of Instagram filter new rules, now your score moving accordingly to your face.”

dvoshansky on an Instagram story on his profile.

This means from what I understand, that Instagram wants part of the game to be dynamic and related to the face mesh and not just seeing static content. Right now, everything seems like in 2D, except that the game uses blinking to control the bird. With that change, the 2D content is moving in the 3D space because it is attached to the Face Mesh, and when the user moves his or her face, the score moves accordingly.

Flying Face new update
Dvoshansky reporting the new update to Flying Face on his Instagram story (Image credit: Dvoshansky, Instagram).

Anyways, whatever that rule is, I’ve seen the video that dovshansky has posted on his Instagram story and it looks great. It definitely makes the visual more appealing, even with just slight change.

I tested the current build, but it wasn’t updated yet. I assume that it will be updated soon so we can try it out.

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