How to get ‘Flying Face’ Instagram Filter for Android or iOS?

Flying Face is a game but is still an Instagram filter. This means that if you want to have it available in your filter list (aka filter drawer) in your Instagram app, you’ll need to follow its developer.

The developer of ‘Flying Face’ Instagram filter is @dvoshansky. This is his username on Instagram. Click the link and tap the ‘Follow’ button.

Once you have done that, visit the Instagram camera app and then tap the filter icon. The filter icon looks like a smiley face with two sparkling stars.

Once you clicked it, the filter drawer will appear at the bottom of the app. Locate the icon of the app (see the image below).

Tap on this icon and start playing.

This is it. Keep in mind that there are many other filter creators out there and more are being developed and added to Instagram on a daily basis. It will be a rain of filters in Summer, where Facebook open up Spark AR for Instagram for everyone.

Step-by-step Instructions

Here are step-by-step instruction of the steps you need to so in order to get Flying Face Instagram filter and start playing:

  1. Search @dvoshansky on Instagram (on the web or via Instagram app)
  2. Tap the ‘Follow’ button to follow him
  3. Launch the Instagram app on iOS or Android if you haven’t done already
  4. Get into the home page
  5. Click the camera button to get into the Instagram camera app
  6. Click the filter icon, the one with the smiley face at the bottom-right corner of the screen
  7. Search for Flying Face filter icon, which should appear among the ones on the left if you just followed dvoshansky
  8. Tap on the icon to start playing and have fun!

Enjoy the game and have fun!

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