Flying Face Filter Amazing Fact

After I took a little break of playing Flying Face, I took a little break and wanted to see some videos of other people playing the game.

One thing struck me. I suddenly realized that Instagram as a gaming platform is probably the first gaming platform where you can actually see the players playing a game, rather than just the game itself!

Developers of Instagram filter games can now see many of the people who actually play their games.

Think about it for a second, unless players stream themselves playing, you usually just see the game’s screen and that’s about it. The thing is with these type of selfie Instagram filter game,s is that no matter which Flying Face gameplay video you see on the web, you will see the player in the game as well.

I am thinking that it’s amazing for Dvoshansky, the developer of this filter, to see all the people who actually play the game. The same goes to other Instagram face filter of course, but here I am talking about playing games and seeing the players themselves playing.

I remember the images near the Facebook like button, it was cool seeing the faces of people who actually liked a page on my website, but this is so much better. this make me want to make my own Instagram filter using Spark AR Studio and share it on Instagram. I actually applied, but even if I don’t get approved, in the Summer, we all can started developing for Instagram and make amazing filter games!

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