Other controls were considered prior to the current one

In the Spark AR community, Dvoshansky mentioned that he tried different controls, not just blinking. In fact, someone asked him why blinking, why not control the bird by opening the mouth. Dvoshansky answers that he share the game with his followers while trying different controls like opening the mouth or nodding with the head up and down.

According to what he said, those who tested the game proffered it with blinking and not with the other controls that were tested. He also shared an image showing the game being played with the head pose. It was actually funny looking at the game played differently. It’s great that Spark AR supports these type of facial gestures and head pose controls and it’s great to see how Spark AR developers are trying out all of those to see what works and what doesn’t.

The best thing to do is to give it to the community and ask their opinion. They know what they like and then you collect that information and can decide which on is the best to implement. Back then he didn’t have as much followers as now, but enough to get good impressions of what’s going to work and what’s not.

Retrospectively, he was a very smart decision and this is why I am here writing these lines.

The other question that some may ask is why not allow the use to choose the controls. I mean, implement them all and let the user choose. Something like control customization, but the controller is your face, not an object. I know it’s funny, but that’s who it is.

I think there is something unique when you lock on one control and let people try it like that. I’m sure there will be games that will give users the option to choose their favorite control, but when it comes to facial gestures, sometimes it’s not the same decision. Sometimes the game is built around that specific control. Let me give you an example.

I played a game today where users can eat chicken wings falling from the top. Users need to open their mouth in order to catch the chicken wings. In this case, the game is designed around mouth-opening as part of the gameplay mechanic so the design decision is different in this case.

This is is for today., just an update for those asking about why no other controls were implemented. Have a great day, I see you on the next post.

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