Flying Face Instagram Filter Blinking Game

Flying Face came to me as a huge surprise. I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook filters for a long time now. I love the creativity that Spark AR developers are putting into their filters and what amazing ideas they create.

Flying Face is an Instagram filter but it’s a game. It plays similar to the mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’ for Android and iOS that was released back then in 2013 by Dong Nguyen.

This IG filter game ‘Flying Face’ was developed by a different developer dubbed dvoshansky, which is the username on his Instagram profile.

Although both Flappy Bird and Flying Face share a lot of similarities, there are some significant differences and in this post, I’ll share with most of them.

All you need to do is blink with your eyes to control the bird, simple to play, insanely hard to master.

Played by Blinking

The first most significant change is in the game controls and this is a huge one and one that contributed to the popularity of the game. First of all, the game is a selfie game. This means that it is played while the user faces the front-facing camera of the mobile phone (or tablet). Second, to control the bird’s movement, users need to blink with their eyes. A single blink will make the bird flap its wings and move slightly upwards. Like in the original game, the bird will fall down by gravity if you don’t blink and if it reaches the ground or collides with one of the gree polls it’s game over.

What this means is instead of tapping on the screen, you will have to continuously blink to maintain an altitude. Not just that, you’ll have to time your blinking to be able to maintain your course and voice hitting the obstacles. Sometimes when the gap between the polls is down and you are way up, you’ll need to stop blinking, let the bird character dive down and then start blinking to stop it from falling and maintain a steady altitude.

I first thought that it’s going to be very tiring blinking so much. I mean, you can easily blink like hundreds and even thousands of time depends on how long you are able to hang on. However, it’s not that tiring although some will might fill some eye strain sooner than others.

The Bird’s Face is Your Face

This is a cool feature. Instead of seeing the face of the bird, once you start playing you will see your face attached to the bird’s head. The face is taken directly from the camera stream. What this means is that every facial gesture that you made will be seen on the bird’s face as well. Super cool feature thanks to Spark AR face detection and segmentation.

Play With a Friend

Another super cool feature is the ability to play Dvoshansky’s Flying Face IG game with a friend beside you. Invite a friend over and both of you will have to face the same front-facing camera. So you either play with your phone or your friend’s.

Once Flying Face filter detects our friend’s face in front of the front-facing camera, another bird appears. Now you can play a coop game. What this means is that both of you contribute to the effort of breaking the best score. There aren’t any 2-player challenges or tournaments that I know of, but I think there is a higher chance to get a higher score like that.

If one of you fail, the game isn’t over yet. The other player can still continue playing until he or she fails and then a score is set.

You can also play Flying Face one versus the other, but there isn’t any second separate game mode for that. It’s the same 2-player mode, but you can make so if one player fails, the other one wins, simple.

Share your High Score as an Instagram Story

Flying Face doesn’t have a global leaderboard. However, Dvoshansky has set up a highlighted Instagram story where he picks up the top best score of people playing Flying Face. This can be a video or an image.

What you need to do is tag dvoshansky like “@dvoshansky” in your Instagram post, and he will get notified and see the image or video of your gameplay and score.

Just keep in mind that there are some Flying Face players that have achieved more than 500 and even 700 points but I see that he posted some images and videos of people with less than 100 points. There are some funny moments there as well.

How to Get Flying Face Filter?

All you have to do is follow dvoshansky’s Instagram profile and you’ll find the filter in your filter’s drawer in your iOS or Android Instagram app.

We’ll share more information about Flying Face soon, so stay tuned.

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