Instagram as a gaming platform

Instagram is becoming a gaming platform. A place where users will be able to play Spark AR based games like Flying Face.

As far as I can see it, Spark AR will continue to evolve and will enable more gaming-related features, so AR creators will be able to me even better games.

There are still many things missing in the platform when it comes to gaming. Right now, the main focus of Spark AR creators was to develop filters, masks and camera effects. Although games is something that is possible technically, the gaming features are still limited in scope.

For example, in previous posts I talked about features like global leaderboard, or the ability to play with or against another person online. This can be really fun, especially in a selfie game. Think about you playing a selfie game against a random person somewhere in the world and being able to see that person playing, it would be such an incredible experience.

I love casual games because I don’t have time to play other types of game. This is why I wish Spark AR will get those features that will allow developers to make better games.

Seeing Flying Face made me wish there were more features. Don’t get me wrong, I like the simplicity, the short gameplay sessions but you can clearly tell by this game and other Instagram filter games that I’ve seen, that developers have limited capabilities in their hands.

In time, Instagram will add those feature and Spark AR creators will have more creative freedom to develop the games that they want to play. Until then, there are still some great little games. I’ve been following Spark AR creators communities, and I saw that people ask questions about workaround to make certain things work. This is because Spark AR doesn’t directly support certain feature and they have to find ways to overcome this.

I think it becomes quite common and I see it a lot. Developer do come with many creative ways to achieve things, but you can see that even if it is achieved, sometimes it doesn’t work accurately as they have wanted to. It’s a patchy solution until something better comes.

Overall, I have high expectation for Instagram to become a great hub for casual games, it just take time.

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