Way to bypass Blinking in Flying Face?

Apparently, there is a way to bypass the blinking controls and play Flying Face differently in the way it was meant to be played.

Syok posted a video of a kid who played Flying Face by making the game read his movements as blinking, although basically he was just pinching his fingers in front of his eyes.

That trick worked well. The thing is that although it might be convenient than blinking as you have better controls and no spontaneous movements, I still found it to be not super easy to play and it wasn’t so accurate for me.

For him, he looks like he has total control and I guess this is easier to control the bird like this than controlling it with blinking the eyes.

We’re feeling so cheated rn.

Posted by SYOK on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some people even saw it as a way to “cheat” in Flying Face, making use of a control that they game wasn’t designed to play with. However, let’s keep things in perspective, and it’s a filter game, not Overwatch eSport event so why not allow people to enjoy it their way.

It’s actually fun seeing the creative ways that players find to play Instagram games, some of them are actually very funny. Nonetheless, it might help players play longer as it should be easier to maintain long session gameplay compared to blinking.

Anyways, just wanted to reported this so you can try it out yourself if you want. Have fun.

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