966 Points by kokoleyy is the New Flying Face World Record

Flying Face game world record was broken, because that the highest score was 745 points set by @bryanchang19888 and @kokoleyy Instagram user just broke that top score with 966 points!

966 New World Record by kokoleyy & a great exercise! (Image: Instagram)

It’s an insane score. I already said that I believe that someone will pass the 1000 point mark and as you can see, we are getting so close. I think that he might have gotten overwhelmy excited getting so close to 1000. I can’t wait to see the person who would be the first to get a 4-figure score playing Flying Face.

Well done, I just can’t believe how he did it. What I do want to see in an update for this filter, if it’s possible, is an option to see a timer so we can know how long people actually play a single gameplay session in Flying Face. This is something that I personally would like to know and it’s also compliment players for their dedication. A little timer at the top right corner would be nice.

Keep in mind that there might be other players who were able to top this score. I report only those whom I come across. The good news is that people who are doing great in Flying Face Instagram game, record it as a story and share it with Dvoshansky, so we can’t find about it. Of course I’ll keep an eye on new plays and see who’s the next to beat that high score.

That’s it, let’s see who is going to break this Flying Face World Record.

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