How to Get Better Playing Flying Face Insta game?

How can you get better and achieve a higher score playing Flying Face Insta game? I’ve seen some Instagram users finding the game to be very difficult, for some, it’s even more difficult than the original Flappy Bird mobile game.

We need to consider the fact that this game is played with different controls that many people aren’t used to, which is eye blinking. It reminds me of a friend of mine that tried to play with a PS4 controller for the first time, it was a disaster for him. He was used to keyboard and mouse and coming from that to a controller was hard. He asked me: “How can you use it and play like that?”.

Of course, in time, you get used to it, it takes a few hours of gameplay and you’ll feel right at home no matter which game you play. Same goes to our little Flappy Bird-like Insta game. All you need to do is give the game some time and eventually, blinking, will feel like second nature in controlling the character in this game. I personally think that it’s much easier compared to using a gaming controller because all blinking is something natural to us and we do it all the time. The main difference is that now it’s not spontaneous and we need to control the timing of our blinking.

One of the hardest things that people encounter Playing Flying Face is to quickly dive up or fall down to stabilize the bird for the next obstacle. Flying straight also takes some practice and it’s essential for maintaining a good flow in the game, but up and down movement is where Insta users have issues.

What I recommend is practicing this over and over, but the thing is with Flying Face is that you don’t have a lot of room to practice a certain movement, so all you have to do is just play regularly and practice. What you can do is to try to get to the relatively upper and lower parts of the screen so you force yourself for sharp maneuvers than just flying relatively straight with the gaps appearing in the middle of the screen.

The other important thing is to blink with both eyes. The blink might not register if you just use a single-eye blinking, I tried it and I didn’t get very far like that. So again, use both eyes to blink for better accuracy.

Spontaneous blinking can make you fail because it doesn’t matter if you meant to blink or not,  the game will consider it as a trigger to move the bird up, so try to avoid spontaneous blinking. The good news is that when you blink a lot, it’s quite unlikely that your eyes will spontaneously blink in between because you are already blinking like mad.

Some players don’t do well and have short gameplay sessions, but when you get better, it can take some time. Make sure you are playing in a place without lots of wind, make sure you eat well, drink well before playing so you are all set to go. It’s better to play in a calm place and in a good comfortable body posture. Some play the game while lying face up and holding the phone in their hand in front of their face. Try to find the most comfortable way for you, this will help as you get to the higher scores and have long gameplay sessions.

You can also hold the phone in a posture that won’t lead to hand fatigue. Some people might play it on a tablet, but I definitely recommend playing it with a phone to prevent hand fatigue.

Another helpful tip is to play with a friend cooperatively. find a comfortable way to do it, and this is good because if one fails, the other one can continue. Some said that it’s confusing to them seeing two birds and they confused between the two and that leads them to fail. I’ve heard some people actually found it useful for getting a higher score. However, there is no separate tag-team score segment here and some people want to be the ones who break the record in their own right. This is understandable, so decide how you want to play, alone or with a friend.

This is it, some tips to help you get better at playing flying face. At the end of the day, it’s all about practicing, but I hope these tips will help you maximize your score and hopefully break the world record someday. Good luck Flying Face players!

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