Why Flying Face is My Favorite Filter of All time?

I absolutely adore Dvoshansky’s take on the original Flappy Bird game. I just can’t stop playing the game. From time to time I take a break to share some insights, thoughts, and opinions about the game, but I spend a lot of time playing the game every single day since it was released.

The blinking control is just ingenious, absolutely ingenious. I never thought that just these type of controls will be fun to use in games. I have to admit that when I first tried it, I had doubts and I sucked big time. I think I got only 2-3 points max. After a few minutes of gameplay, I already understood how to control the bird and use eye blinking in the right intervals to gain control over the bird’s flight.

If you find it hard to control the bird, trust me, just give it some time and I’m sure you’ll learn to appreciate the ingenuity of this game.

Until Flying Face appeared out of the blue, I was all into just standard mobile games and a few Nintendo Switch gaming every now and then. Oh, I play Overwatch on my PS4 as well. So it was all controller and mobile gaming with on-screen gestures and tapping, no blinking control experience whatsoever.

Instagram introduces the blinking control to Spark AR Studio so developers can use it as a trigger. That can trigger animations, sounds, etc. The thing is that it allow developers to create interactivity and this means that it can be used in games, after all, what are games, interactive content in general right?

Aside from the innovative controls, Dvoshansky made the game so it can be played with two people at the same time. This is just so brilliant. You can invite a friend over and both of you can have some local multiplayer fun with either your phone or your friend’s.

This game becomes even more entertaining when playing with friends. I think the original idea is to give people the chance to work together and if one fails the other one can continue. This didn’t stop me from inviting friends and play against them and see who can hold on better than the other.

Aside from that, I also learned from my friends but one of the things that I enjoyed the most with the local multiplayer in Flying Face is to talk while playing and distract the my friend. It was so hilarious, because sometimes I talked and accidentally blink when I shouldn’t and I got bumped into the wall and it was so funny.

Sometimes we just throw some trash talking against each other and be both lost concentration and failed at the same time, again, so hilarious.

Let’s not forget the faces that are attached to the bird’s face. All of that made Flying Face a game like no other, an IG filter like no other, a game that I just can’t put down. Every time a friend comes by, I force them to play with me. Even those who say that they don’t like mobile games in general, when they start playing Flying Face, they can’t stop and we all have so much fun together.

This is why I love Flying Face so much. I love seeing dedicated players from all around the world trying to break the world record, and share their experience online. I like when we can actually see the players themselves playing the game, not just a gameplay video of the game itself.

I’m sure that this is just a start of something much bigger. A filter that will motivate developers to focus on games and use the amazing facial gesture detection in their filters and create games with it. Thank you Dvoshansky for the amazing Inspiration!

If you haven’t played Flying Face yet, you have to Here is how to get Flying Face on your Android and iOS device, get it, have a blast!

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